Medical Devices ASEAN is honored to be supported by the following government and associations:

What our supporters say:

“We realize that MDA Congress delivers a great deal of benefit for healthcare professionals in terms of exploring the valuable academic knowledge and modernization of healthcare devices technology. The conferences also provide an opportunity to local medical device vendors on sharing experiences with many international providers.”

Dr. Salakchit Chutipongvivate
President of The Association of Medical Technologist of Thailand


“MDA 2018 in its inaugural year is a trading platform to showcase the latest medical instruments and equipment. This is a must-attend event for procurement specialists; hospital directors and researchers. MDA 2018 establishes Thailand as a medical hub in Asia. As a result, this event will provide business matching opportunities and form business partnerships. MDA 2018 is also open forhealthcare professionals including doctors, nurses and medical technologists to gain more in-depth knowledge in experiencing new innovations and attending academic conferences.”

Mr. Preecha Bhandtivej
President of Thai Medical Device Technology Industry Association


“This [MDA 2018] would be most beneficial for professional nurses, since technological healthcare environment in the 21st century has been rapidly changing. For certain, nurses have to also update and further develop their knowledge in medical technologies for efficiency; increment; quality and safety for patient care. In addition, the nursing conference will allow the contents to be updated which are relatable to building the professional network, leading to a successful and sustainable healthcare system, aim at happy personnel and most importantly healthy people.”

Associate Professor Supanee Sanadisai
President of The Nurses’ Association of Thailand


“Preparing for both Thai society and the world society to enter “senior society” has become very important and increased significantly. There is a shortage of people who will take care of elderly people who are called “Care Giver”.Thai Association for Medical Instrumentation (ThaiBMI) realizes that the work in this area must be accelerated to be able to cope with these problems. One of the urgent tasks is preparing care givers to take care of elderly people who might be robotic to do certain functions such as alerting or alarming when they are in danger, reminding activity schedules, emergency alerts, giving assistance or help as required, stress relief and performing physical rehabilitation. Therefore, study to develop a robot to help the elderly is an interesting topic in the dimension to suit the various needs and is also very important to develop to the practical use. Thai Association for Medical Instrumentation (ThaiBMI) will hold a seminar on “Robotic Technology for the Elderly” or “Robotic Technology for Ageing Care”. In the morning, there is a lecture by an expert in this field. In the afternoon, there will be presentation of about 6 finalists from the contest “robot for ageing care”. I would like to express my genuine thanks to the organizer for their effort in organizing MDA in order to encourage its development for Thailand’s medical device industry.”

Ms. Somsri Daochai
President of Thai Association for Medical Instrumentation