Sarawin Medical Supply Co., Ltd.

1 . Peanuts Finger Splint


– Precontoured adjustable finger splint
– Breathable, washable finger splint
– Radiolucent
– Avoid prossure sore


– Choose a suitable size for finger or toe
– Mold to fit injured finger or toe in

Designed position

– Fasten with Velcro

2.Peanuts Splint

Features of Peanuts hand splint

– Environmental friendly material
– Soft and comfortable
– Lightweight
– Easily clean and reusable
– Easy to use, with no equipments
– Waterproof
– Radiolucent

Special feature of Peanuts hand splint

– reusable first aid A-P splint
– volar slab
– radial gutter slab
– ulnar gutter slab

3. Peanuts mallet finger splint

– Registersd design aluminum splint
– Adjustable precontoured mallet finger splint
– Slim fit to all finger
– washable, waterproof
– light weight, radiolucrnt