S.K. Polymer Co., Ltd.

S.K. Polymer Co., Ltd. is one of Thailand’s leading manufacturer of molded Rubber & Plastic parts for Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices.

We are a family-owned and run company with 500 employees and 27 years of successful development. We fulfil ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949, IATF and REACH requirements and have received several national and international awards for best manufacturing and business practice.

S.K. Polymer products range from:

  • Pharmaceutical Grade; Rubber stopper/closure of infusion bottles and injection vials
  • Medical Grade; Rubber parts for infusion sets, blood collection tubes, needles, etc.
  • Food Grade; Rubber droppers, nipples, seals, lips, etc.

Our brand new Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant facilitates Control Rooms & Cleanroom classes 100,000 & 10,000; and will attain ISO13485 within 2018, thereby ensuring the highest quality standards and minimizing any risk of contamination.