Plastics Institute of Thailand

Plastics Institute of Thailand (PITH) is the 8th industry specific institute under the supervision of Industrial Development

Foundation, the Ministry of Industry. The organization was established based on the cabinet resolution on November 16, 2010 along with Plastics Industry Development Strategies, which consisted of:

  • 1st strategy: Development of technology and management
  • 2nd strategy: Increasing marketing competencies
  • 3rd strategy: Development of plastics industry database

PITH, therefore, has a long-term responsibility to collaborate with the government, academic and private sector to support Thai plastics industry. The institute receives government funding for projects management; and private sector supports budget for its internal operations. It’s principle and goals are to strengthen and drive Thai plastics industry toward sustainable development. PITH aims to become a center of information, knowledge and collaboration among institutes, which will generate integration and operation to drive Thai plastics industry. Its activities are performed under the plastics industry development strategic framework as followed:

  • To promote and develop the industry together with environmental responsibility.
  • To design and develop products
  • To research and develop material/testing laboratory and testing process
  • To develop personnel for plastics industry
  • To promote marketing competency
  • To support policy planning for the development of plastics industry