Beijing Honghugaoxiang Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Product 1: Bone Powered Surgical System
Designed for neurosurgery;
Highly increased power and performance;
High Rotating Speed: 0-60000 rounds;
Constant torque;
Quick stop at high speed;
Rapidly loading and unloading patent;

Product 2: Planar cutting system
The control system uses high-performance intelligent microprocessor chip, closed-loop drive controlled constant speed, which is, speed alteration of no-load, full load with ≤ 5% range;
BF type electrical safety design and 100-240V broad voltage input design;
Ergonomics design, Digital interface is modern and flexible, simple and convenient to operate;
Functional mode settings include the regulators for positive, negative, acceleration, deceleration, Swing speed limit and swing frequency (0.3-1 seconds) time setting;
Torque overload warning system;
Real-time display of operation parameters;
ISO-E rapid transfer interface.